To complement our range we offer a variety of workshop/retail solutions and packaging to help your business run smoothly and more profitably.


Our coded systems will keep things organised, easy to store, easy to find and easy to re-order. We can advise on the most suitable system and each item will be assigned a code specific to your company for quick and easy re-ordering.

A workshop environment is a busy place and small fasteners are generally left all over the place or piled up in a corner somewhere. This can result in time wasted finding the correct parts, re-ordering something you may already have or even using the incorrect fastener to get a time sensitive job out.

For larger user demands we can advise on the best solution to tailor your needs and each system can be duplicated across all workshop branches.



Various display options with product are available OR product only in blister packs can be supplied to fit in with current display areas - Artwork to be discussed. Tailored systems can be made for one store or duplicated across various outlets.



Selection sets or kits can be made as per customer requirements. Packaging/bespoke packaging of various quantities can be in boxes, plastic bags (bagged on one of our machines), blister packs or customer packaging – labeling can also be done accordingly.