With many suppliers and manufacturers all over the world, quality can vary a great deal - We only source our products from reputable manufacturers and distributors.

Fasteners are designed to a specific dimension and for a specific application. Small differences in size, shape or bad tooling can render them useless for their intended use.

The same applies to the raw materials, cheaper 2nd or 3rd generation plastics can result in an inferior product with the wrong properties.

Fasteners generally play a small part of a big job, however in most cases are the most critical. Making a small saving by buying a similar looking bad quality copy is a risk not worth taking and can result in bigger costs and time wasted.

We always recommend original equivalent parts of which we have many of, however they may not always be cost effective so we also offer aftermarket fasteners as an alternative but only those which we know are of good quality and will do the job it is intended for.

We constantly monitor our product quality and will never knowingly sell an inferior product - our growth it through repeat business, good products and good customer relations.